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A Conference for Northern California Churches

BASS Convention Presenter: Karen Habegger

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Karen Habegger
Karen Habegger

Revel Coaching
San Francisco, CA,
(415) 431-0558

2020 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: Personal Brand - What Do You Want to be Known for?


When we are living from our values, we are aligned with what we believe in and display the best version of ourselves. When we aren't, what happens?

What's your brand? How do you want others to perceive you? We'll reflect individually on what our values are and how that affects us and others. You'll leave with greater clarity on your values and what it means to live those out. You'll also identify the behaviors that don't bring out the best version of yourself and explore ways to avoid those.

2019 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: Does God Care About Our Dreams?


Do you ever wonder if God cares about our dreams? And our heart's desires? Join as we explore Psalm 37:4 and what that means for you personally. Most of us want to do God's will, but where does ours come into play? How do we fit into God's plan? It's exciting to think that God wants us to claim our desires and then ask for them to be met. He wants to bless us and meet those desires. They may not always look like we want them to, but that's part of the adventure of following Christ!

2016 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: Others-focused vs. Self-focused


We live in a culture that promotes self-focus. How do we live out Hebrews 10:24, focusing on others, yet balancing that with self-care? As Christians, sometimes we can give so much that it overwhelms us. We'll explore what it means to be others-focused and also keep healthy boundaries so that we preserve our strength to continue living out the Christian life.

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2015 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: Will Marriage Make Me Happy?


Often it feels like marriage will make us happy, but as someone newly married, I've learned that God's design for marriage is growth and holiness. The key is to learn to be content in all circumstances. Happiness is the byproduct of this. We'll explore ways to follow Paul's lead and talk about how to grow into the peace of contentment.

2014 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: Do Our Prayers Matter?


Prioritize God and experience a fulfilling relationship with Him in spite of a demanding schedule.

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2013 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: The Pursuit of Pleasure


How to avoid worshiping idols and instead live in the joy and pain of our Christian walk.

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Singles & Single Parents: There's No There There


How to be content in a world luring you to the greener side.

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2012 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: How to Stay True to Yourself


We often rather save face or avoid being rejected - so we compromise ourselves and stray from the person God designed us to be. How do you stay true to yourself and God in a world full of pressure?

Singles & Single Parents: Being the Right Person vs. Meeting the Right Person


We are often too focused on meeting the right person, and not becoming the right person. We'll explore focusing on our faith and ourselves first, not looking outward for someone else to be the answer.

2011 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: Am I Good Enough? Embracing the "Real You" God Created


Do you often compare yourself to others? In God's eyes, you are His masterpiece, His creation. Join us as we explore ways God sees us, especially through Psalm 139.

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Singles & Single Parents: Am I Good Enough to get a Date?


Embracing the real you as God created is one thing, but believing you are good enough to get a date is sometimes another, especially after age 40. How do you trust that you ARE good enough? We'll have lots of hearty dialogue as personal experiences are shared and discussed.

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2010 Workshops

Singles & Single Parents: How to Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations


Much of our success in life depends upon our belief and view of ourselves. This workshops explores the various things that hold us back in life. More importantly, we will look at tools to use immediately in order to move beyond ourselves and step into the life we've always wanted.

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Singles & Single Parents: The Three Keys to Living Out Your God-Given Destiny


God has a plan and purpose for your life so you can experience God's provision. Three keys will be expanded upon so listeners walk away with immediately applicable ways to move forward.

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