Join Us March 4-6, 2021

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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Joe Patterson

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Joe Patterson
Joe Patterson

Executive Pastor/Group Ambassador
Group Publishing
Folsom, CA

Joe Patterson serves as Executive Pastor at The Life Center in Sacramento, CA. He trains and equips leaders in team building, developing strategies to fulfill vision, teaching & training leadership to ministry staffs & ministry evaluations. Joe serves as a National Ambassador with Group Publishing in Loveland Colorado. He married to his wife of 30 years and has 3 amazing children. @LCPastorJoe PastorJoe@LifeCenter.Church

2020 Workshops

Children - Elementary: How Kids Learn


What makes a lesson great? Is it the teacher? the topic? the supplies? Or might it be the kids themselves? When you discover how kids learn best, every lesson becomes impactful and memorable. Explore Jesus’ teaching, specifically the parable of the sower, to develop a more effective approach to leading kids. You’ll discover how to help kids not just hear but truly understand God’s Word. Plus, unlock secrets of the brain that lead to long-term memory. Presented by Group’s Ministry Training Center.

Children - Elementary: Why Can't We Ask These Questions in Church?


Preteens have questions…and some of them are doozies! Rather than dismiss tough topics, discover how to help kids process and look to the Bible to dig into hard questions about God and faith. Together, we’ll learn how to be bold with your preteens by exploring four values that will transform the way you do ministry. Rooted in developmental research, these values reach preteens’ specific needs. You’ll learn how to practically apply these values in your ministry. Presented by Group’s Ministry Training Center.

Children's Ministry Leadership: Making the Most of VBS


Vacation Bible school provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reach kids in your community—kids who might otherwise never set foot in your church. But are you being strategic in how you plan and carry out VBS? Are you making the most of this unique event? A fresh approach can breathe new life into your program, energizing your year-round ministry efforts. Together let’s map out a ministry “destination,” discovering how VBS can play a key role in growing your ministry in unexpected ways. Presented by Group’s Ministry Training Center. This workshop will be repeated on Saturday @ 2:15.