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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-7, 2020
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: John Chevalier

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John Chevalier
John Chevalier

Trainer / Catalyst
Vision Aloha
Honolulu, HI

John is a pastor, a teacher/trainer, musician, and media producer. He is a visionary who gets up every morning wondering; “How can I change the world today?”

Along with over 30 years of ministry experience, John has a management & leadership background in both the public and private ?sectors. He has developed some of the most practical training in leadership, team building, music, and multi-media communication. John spent 12 years as a faculty member, music director and representative for the International Worship Institute in Dallas, Texas; and has been a featured speaker at many conferences nationwide. He is one of the co-founders of Vision Aloha Ministries.

John is a regular contributor for Technologies for Worship Magazine”, has written two chapters in Tom Kraeuter’s book “Things They Didn’t Teach Me in Worship Leading School”, as well as been quoted several times in the book, “Guiding Your Church Through A Worship Transition”. In addition, he has been the worship leader for many multi-church in California and Arizona. He has a passion to see local churches in the community function together in unity.

In 2006 he decided to take his passion for training to another level and accepted an offer to teach at a local high school. Since then he has been teaching Digital Audio and Video Production to high school students in Sonoma County, California.

When he’s not in the classroom, John continues to use his leadership skills and team-building principles to better equip small businesses, educators, churches and nonprofit corporations across the country.

Visit his website at

2019 Workshops

Worship Arts: Worship Ministry 101: Building a Solid and Effective Worship Ministry


In this very practical workshop we talk about the basics in building a worship department. The scriptural basis for worship and music ministry, worship ministry philosophy, team structure and format, qualifications for worship team personnel, communication, building relationships and how to have effective rehearsals will all be addressed. This is a very practical workshop.

Worship Arts: Developing a Solid Worship Band


Learn the dynamics of playing together as a band and how to develop a musically “tight” worship team that is musically proficient and spiritually capable to minister in the local church. We will talk about the difference in Performance vs. Ministry, how to blend together and tips for keeping your band solid over the long haul.

Worship Arts: Charting the Course: Planning Culturally Relevant Worship Services


Planning is the key to having a Worship service that meets the goals of the church leadership. Learn practical skills in planning services which engages people on their level and honors our Lord. Knowing your people and your community is the key to planning Worship Experiences that not only expose people to Jesus; but do it on a way that they can understand.