Join Us March 4-6, 2021

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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: A.K. Manning

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A.K. Manning
A.K. Manning

Evangelism Academy (Formerly MEA)
Galt, CA

Over a period of 17 years and 3 churches, A.K. Manning became frustrated that he couldn’t find anyone to go out with him and teach him to share his faith with the lost. Restless to go out and be a “fisher of men,” brother Manning decided to read books, take every evangelism and apologetics class his Bible College offered and equip himself. He attended conferences and workshops. He enrolled in the School of Biblical Evangelism. But nothing equipped him as much as when he decided to obey the call of the Great Commission, and “GO.” For four years, brother Manning has served as the Director of Outreach Ministries at the church he attended in Stockton. Here, he developed the curriculum for Evangelism Academy, which he has taught for the last five years. In 2017, A.K. Manning launched a small para-church ministry, Manning Evangelistic Association, to preach the gospel at events and public venues, as well as help equip every believer to do the same. In 2019, brother Manning's ministry efforts were once again focused exclusively on Evangelism Academy, citing that there is no more important call than to equip EVERY BELIEVER to share their faith. He is currently working on his first two books, "Street Preacher," and "The Preppers Field Guide to Biblical Manhood".

2019 Workshops

Evangelism & Outreach: Mobilizing Your Church for Evangelism


Hot dog cookouts and Easter Egg hunts are good. But you want more. You want to see those in your church mobilized like an army to go out and fulfill the Great Commission. THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU.

Equip yourself and those in your church to: 1. Understand the importance of personal evangelism. 2. See what's inhibiting them from stepping out in witnessing for Christ. 3. Overcome fear and become a mouthpiece for the gospel.

How would your church be revolutionized if every car salesmen shared his faith on his lunch break, every soccer mom shined her light on the side of the field, and every little old lady talked about Jesus when she was in the checkout line at the store? How would your neighborhood be changed? Learn the S.E.N.D. acronym to send your church out as fishers of men!

Evangelism & Outreach: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Saint) Evangelism: Begining to Share Your Faith


Your heart starts pounding... your palms are sweaty, your knees are weak, your mouth is dry and your mind goes blank. Are these symptoms of a medical condition?

No! This is you when it's time to open your mouth and talk to your neighbor about Jesus. Sound familiar? It doesn't have to be.

In this workshop, you'll get some of the tools you need in your toolbox to overcome fear and talk about the work Jesus Christ has done in your life. It's time to do your part to fulfill the Great Commission! If you're a pastor or church leader, share this information with church members who want to share Christ, but say that for some reason they just can't.

You'll learn: 1. The source of your fear 2. How to overcome the fear 3. How to start when you open your mouth and there are no words 4. How to give a biblical

Evangelism & Outreach: Three Evangelism Personalities


Have you found it hard to share your faith? Have you tried the methods that others use, and found that it's just not the right? This workshop will help you examine your evangelism personality, your calling, and help you consider next steps in more boldly proclaiming the gospel.

2018 Workshops

Evangelism & Outreach: Three Evangelism Personalities - Who is Called to Evangelism?


We've all heard - and some of us even preached - sermons on the Great Commission and reaching the lost. We usually leave those sermons with a renewed focus on personal evangelism.

Have you ever struggled with application? Have you excused yourself from the responsibility of personal evangelism saying, "I don't feel called to that."? Learn from the Bible who really is called to reach the lost. Learn which of three major "evangelism personality" types of fits you best.

This fun, interactive Workshop will leave you feeling more equipped and more in your "zone" when sharing your faith. You will even leave with a useful tool to take back to your congregation to help stir up their desire for soul winning!

Evangelism & Outreach: Sharing Your Faith in the Workplace


Sometimes we're afraid to share the message of the Gospel with coworkers because we don't want to damage relationships. We don't want to appear to be unprofessional. We don't want to violate any company policies or laws. So what do we do?

Sharing your faith in the workplace will help you navigate these waters without losing track of your primary mission, to win the loss to any cost! The place God has put you is the place you are called to be a minister of the Gospel.

Evangelism & Outreach: Moblizing Your Church for Evangelism


Are your outreach efforts all about soul winning? Your greatest mission field is your neighborhood and your greatest missionaries are sitting in the pews of your church!

If you are a church leader you will want to attend this workshop!

This class will offer you tools and resources that you can immediately apply to help you equip your congregation to fulfill the Great Commission. Equip your congregation to be instant in season and out of season. Help them become excited to go grab their Nets and become Fishers of Men!