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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Jake Medcalf

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Jake Medcalf
Jake Medcalf

Senior Pastor
First Presbyterian Church of Hayward
Castro Valley, CA

Jake was born and raised in Olympia, Washington. Following his high school graduation, he went to Western Washington University, in Bellingham, WA, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. He met his wife Joan while studying there. Shortly after graduation, they married and moved to San Diego, where Jake served as Area Director for YoungLife in Point Loma. During his time on staff with YoungLife Jake continued his education at Fuller Theological Seminary. In 2008, he received his Master of Divinity degree, and was ordained as a Pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA. Jake’s first pastoral call was at La Jolla Presbyterian Church as the Youth and Children’s Pastor. After his first two years, he began to invest in students at Mission Bay High School. While there, he noticed that many students at Mission Bay were being bussed in from inner-city San Diego and the Spirit of God began something special.

As this ministry continued to grow Jake and La Jolla Presbyterian Church formed a non-profit called UrbanLife. UrbanLife has grown to 7 staff and reaches over 300 students and families each year. Concurrently, along the way, several community-based leaders, joined by a launch team from La Jolla Presbyterian Church, planted and chartered a PC(USA) congregation, Orange Ave Community Church. Jake served as both Executive Director of UrbanLife and Lead Pastor for Orange Ave Community Church. Both UrbanLife and Orange Ave Community Church are thriving.

Recently Jake felt the call of God to take on the role of Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church and has led the transition from a declining mainline denominational church to a thriving multi-cultural missional body that has seen over 15 new believer adult baptisms in 2017 and has started 3 church plants.

Jake and Joan have 4 kids. Two of which are adopted through the County of San Diego. Along with brothers and sisters from multiple congregations Jake and Joan helped start East Bay Orphan Care whose mission is to champion the cause of the fatherless, journey with those that are fostering/adopting, and partner financially with those who need it.

2018 Workshops

21st Century Issues: Five Practical Ways to Love Foster/Adoptive Kids and Their Families!


This workshop will equip church leaders to take up the cause of the Fatherless. Multiple places in Scripture we are asked to take care of the orphan/fatherless among us. In Alameda County alone there are over 1500 kids in the Foster Care system and many of these would be potentially adoptable. Internationally the numbers of adoptable kids is staggering. Not everybody is called to be a foster/adoptive parent but every single follower of Jesus can be equipped to support or partner with those who are. This workshop will give practical tools to everyone along the journey – foster/adoptive parents, faith community leaders who want to start a foster/adoptive ministry, and brothers and sisters who want to support and encourage foster/adoptive parents.

Pastors: The Critical Importance of Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual Worship


The church was multi-lingual in the beginning (Acts 2) and is multi-lingual in the end (Rev. 7) so what makes us think it should be different in the middle?

We need to take down the Homogeneous Unit Principle and replace it with a new vision of church if we are to reach the Bay Area with the Gospel.

This workshop will answer questions like:

The neighborhood around our church is diverse but we are not. How do we change that?

How do we as a faith community move from being homogeneous to multi-cultural?

How do we introduce multi-lingual worship into our liturgy?

How do we move from being multi-colored to multi-cultural in our faith community?

The Apostle Paul spent a great deal of time encouraging folks to be unified across cultural and socio-economic barriers. Let's live out God's dream for the church.

Pastors: Communicating New Vision and Direction


The church as we know it is in a state of massive change. Many of our faith communities are declining. As church leaders we know these facts and live with them every day. As Pastors and Church leaders we also know what is needed to reach new people with the Gospel and bring our faith communities back to life.

How do we get other church leaders, key stakeholders, and congregations excited and enthusiastic about new vision and new direction in our faith communities. Change is hard and requires a unique set of leadership skills.

This workshop will equip Pastors, Elders, and Church Leaders to communicate in such a way as to get maximum buy-in from as many stakeholders as possible.