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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-7, 2020
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Rodrick Durst

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Rodrick Durst
Rodrick Durst

Gateway Seminary
Fremont, CA
510 449-0640

The presentation is based out of 12 years of pastoral ministry followed by 30 years of seminary level teaching. Dr Durst published "reordering the Trinity: Six Movements of God in the New Testament" (Kregel 2015) and wrote a chapter "Robust Ecclesiology" in "Ministry in the New Marriage Culture" (B&H, 2015). He and his wife love their three children, two in-law children and three grandkids.

2019 Workshops

Pastors: Engaging the 5 Theological Tasks that Produce Church Peace


The peace Christ wants is powerful, loving and of a sound mind. That peace grows strong & defies the gates of Hell to the degree five biblical practices describe our church culture. The practices are: knowing the faith well enough to defend it (polemics), interpreting the Word skillfully (exegesis), answering doubts winsomely (apologetics), discipling new believers into maturity efficiently (cathechesis), and sharing and showing the gospel convincingly (evangelism and ethics). Our harvest of righteousness depends on how well we sow PEACE. Uses case studies.

Christian Education: Mastering the Ten Commandments in the Right Order in 3 Minutes


Teach people to take command of their lives. This workshop is designed to teach you the 10 Commandments in the right order in 3 minutes and why it's the right order & how to share it with others, who can then reproduce it too. Unleash the exciting power of biblical literacy in your ministry.

2018 Workshops

21st Century Issues: The 9 Universal Questions & Their Biblical Answers


Learn the nine universal questions hidden in all hearts that all religious traditions must answer convincingly. Learn how to hear which question is being asked by a particular person at a given time and how to shape a sound doctrinal answer that will be remembered and that points to the saving gospel. Also learn to sort doctrinal assertions into three categories: essential to salvation, essential to church identity and unity, and essential to individuality.