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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Mace Baker

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Mace Baker

Seminar Presenter
Science for Creation
Lakeland, FL,

2012 Workshops

Christian Education: Dinosaurs and the Flood


In the 1850s the "millions of years" were accepted into geology by denying Noah's flood and by asserting that the vast sedimentary layers and the fossils in them were achieved by slow and gradual erosion and by local floods over vast periods of time. Come and see that just from a study of the dinosaurs alone there is a wonderful amount of evidence that Noah's flood was real, that it was global and that the sedimentary layers could not have developed slowly and gradually over millions of years of time.

Christian Education: The Age of the Earth and the Origin of Time and Time Indicators


In this seminar we will demonstrate that the words of Genesis are best taken literally and that there is no linguistic nor scientific justification for understanding those "days" to have been indefinite periods of time. It will also be shown that God has provided a number of time indicators which enable us to know how long the earth has been here. Further, the fact that God has provided us with these time indicators, strongly indicates that the He wants us to clearly understand what the age of the earth is.

2011 Workshops

21st Century Issues: Scientific Evidence for Noah's Flood


The "millions of years" came by means of denying that the sedimentary layers were laid down by a global flood. Come and see the large amount of evidence in favor of Noah's flood!

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Christian Education: Adam or Apes: Science vs. Textbooks on Evolution


The High School textbooks tell the students that we have evolved from ape-like ancestors. Does the fossil evidence support this? Come and see!

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2010 Workshops

Christian Education: Science vs. Textbook Evolution: The Fossil Record


This seminar reviews State adopted textbooks which teach that many; "transitional forms" have been found in the fossil record. Evidence from a variety of top scientists from around the world are brought to bear showing no such transitional types have ever been discovered.

Christian Education: Dinosaurs and Creation


Dinosaur fossils are found in many different places and in a variety of conditions. This workshop provides provocative evidence in support of the Genesis Flood from a study of dinosaur fossils.

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