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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Shirley Whitney

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Shirley Whitney


Shirley has had a lifetime of experience working in and through the church. As a child she lived in the pastors parsonage with her family and was a full participant in church life. As a young adult she traveled with music groups and completed a Bachelors of Religious Education at San Jose Bible College, now William Jessup University. As a mother she has participated in educational experiences in the church, in the public school system, and in the home school environment. Shirley has been a church choir director, a director of Christian Education, a leader of Kids' Clubs, an elder/pastor's wife, and an active volunteer in her community. Her initial life focus was to bless others while growing her own family. After her own children were grown she continued for many years to work through the church to bless and grow families. In 2007 her children encouraged her to start "mygrandmatime" in an effort to influence families to learn and grow together. Shirley has a passion for both cooperational and intergenerational learning. She believes that we learn more quickly and apply information more deeply when we participate with each other in a learning/discovery experience.

2017 Workshops

Christian Education: Collaborative Learning


Collaborative Learning is a process in which multiple people have an opportunity to participate in the preparation and presentation of a learning or growth activity. In this session you will experience the benefits of collaborative learning and discuss the ways that collaborative learning can be applied in both large and small group environments. This session is a good pre-curser to "How to Make Intergenerational Lesson Plans".

Christian Education: How to Make Intergenerational Lesson Plans


How do you adapt an adult sermon theme to fit a children's Sunday School class? How do you use a children's lesson plan as a basis for an adult lesson/sermon? How do you add more intergenerational elements to a traditional worship session? This session is a natural companion to the COLLABORATIVE LEARNING session.