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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Joseph Bryant Jr

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Joseph Bryant Jr
Joseph Bryant Jr

Senior Pastor
Calvary Hill Community Church
San Francisco, CA

The Rev. Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr. was called to the pastorate of the Calvary Hill Church at the tender age of 26. This uniquely gifted, inspirational leader transformed an aging, traditional congregation into a thriving, multigenerational hub of spiritual power and community impact that has had an incredible impact on the lives of countless thousands. During his initial years leading the church while in Daly City, CA, Calvary Hill became a beacon of its community, serving the Daly City homeless shelter, Daly City holiday feeding program, Angel Tree Prisoner assistance program, Peninsula Soul Stroll for Health, African American Prostate Awareness Program, and the African American AIDS Prevention program. Calvary Hill also led a city-wide Prayer Vigil after the US tragedy on 9/11/2001, which then led Dr. Bryant to initiate the HONORING OUR HEROES Annual event, recognizing local law enforcement, fire department, emergency workers, active and retired military from Daly City.

In 2004, Pastor Bryant led the congregation to purchase a 26,000 square foot warehouse in the heart of San Francisco to become a campus for change. The first phase was completed in October 2006, a 500-seat theatrical style contemporary worship center with open staging and media center for live television and radio. In 2007, the church completed a 150-seat Chapel that is used to support other congregations, community activities and the Calvary Hill Youth Ministry. In 2009 the church opened a full service Bookstore, and a state of the art Fitness Center with certified personal training. In 2012 Calvary Hill opened THE R.O.C.K. Center (Reaching Our Community & Kids), a community youth center which houses THE VISION ACADEMY, a year-round program which offers tutoring, computer literacy, social skills development, and is a certified afterschool and summer nutrition location for school aged children in San Francisco. A concentrated focus on inner city youth has also yielded a tremendous Music and Arts production called P.H.A.T.T. Friday (Praise Him All The Time) which showcases talented young people in song, dance, poetry, drama and other artistic expressions. Most notably, since 2006 the church has added more than 1000 new souls, has a current membership of over 1,500 people.

Dr. Bryant serves as Chief Executive Officer of Calvary Hill Social Services, and oversees partnerships and community programs with several civic agencies and community organizations. Pastor Bryant is also the Director of the Calvary Hill Christian Leadership School, an extension program through Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary which offers a Diploma in Christian Ministry on the church campus. Dr. Bryant is a graduate of the University of California in Santa Cruz (B.A. in Sociology, 1991), Patten Christian College (Multiple-subject Teaching Credential, 1994) and Golden Gate Seminary (M.A. in Theological Studies, 2003). Nationally acclaimed and acknowledged for his remarkable life and ministry achievements, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Ministry Degree from St. Thomas Christian College in 2004. He is the author of two books, It’s Work, But It’s Worth It, a study guide on marriage, and Family Matters: Encouraging Healthy People and Happy Families. Pastor Bryant values above all else his wonderful family: His wife, Lady Kelly S. Bryant, and their two children Josiah Christopher and Joi Christina, who are the joy of his heart.

2016 Workshops

Worship Arts: The Heart of Worship


In this workshop, we will examine God's purpose and our plan to worship Him personally, privately, publicly, and perpetually.

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2015 Workshops

Worship, Music & Drama: The Heart of Worship


Over the past several years there has been a significant paradigm shift as the body of Christ has embraced a fresh appreciation for the experience of worship. The expression of worship has always been a part of God’s expectation for His people, although it appears to have gained greater emphasis in today’s local church. Through the study of the scriptures we discover God’s value upon worship, and it seems reasonable for members of the body of Christ to acknowledge its priority and preeminence in the experience of the Church. However, Worship cannot be minimized as an opening portion of a church service, nor a period of music led by a band. THE HEART OF WORSHIP is that it is rooted in the HEART of every believer, not just from the lips, but as a lifestyle. WORSHIP is the expression of MY opinion of God. WORSHIP is MY response to the Reality of God. WORSHIP is MY acknowledgement of the Awesomeness of God. And TRUE WORSHIP must first be Personal and Private before it can be Public and Perpetual.