Join Us March 4-6, 2021

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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Shadia Hrichi

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Shadia Hrichi
Shadia Hrichi

Shadia Hrichi/Pro-Life Speaker, Author, Teacher
San Jose, CA

Shadia Hrichi is a successful author and speaker, who has a passion for seeing lives transformed by the power of God’s word. She received an MA in Biblical and Theological studies from Western Seminary, as well as an MA in Criminal Justice, and a BA in Psychology from the State University of New York. In 2008, God orchestrated a miraculous encounter where Shadia saw a vision of the daughter she had lost to abortion, and it forever changed her – and the course of her ministry. Fueled with a passion for the unborn and those wounded by abortion’s heartbreak, Shadia captures the hearts of her audience as she illustrates, through personal experience, God’s love, faithfulness, and power of redemption. Shadia is the author of “Worthy of Love: A Journey of Hope and Healing After Abortion,” serves on the Board of Directors for RealOptions Pregnancy Centers, appears on KFAX Christian radio, and regularly speaks at pregnancy center fundraisers, churches, and other events.

2015 Workshops

21st Century Issues: Abortion’s Hidden Battle and Why It Matters


Abortion is not something new. Just as thousands of church-going men and women tragically choose every day, when King David was faced with an unplanned pregnancy, he resorted to murder to cover up his crimes. As we seek to address the reality of abortion in our churches, we first must acknowledge that abortion is not a political issue, a medical issue, or a women’s issue – but a spiritual issue. And because abortion hurts God’s people: men, women, and children - it is vital for us as ministers to address it. In this seminar, you will:

1. Gauge your church’s sanctity of life ‘temperature.’

2. Explore how the sin of abortion begins in the heart and dates back to biblical times.

3. Be equipped to translate God’s pardon of King David into a message of grace today.

4. Recognize that teaching sexual purity is not enough.

5. Gain practical sermon ideas, resources, and tips for teaching on sanctity of life with love and compassion.

6. Be prepared to handle a crisis pregnancy and to minister to those wounded by abortion