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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 7-9, 2019
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Gil Stieglitz

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Gil Stieglitz
Gil Stieglitz

Principles to Live By
Roseville, CA

Gil Stieglitz excites, educates and motivates audiences all over the world. He has shared the stage with a number of prominent Christians: Luis Palau, Ray Johnston, Howard Hendricks, Rick Stedman, and others. He has helped Christians embrace new levels of love for God in China, Europe, Canada, Mexico and all over the United States.

Dr. Gil is a catalyst for positive change both personally and organizationally. He excites, educates, and motivates audiences all over the world, through passion, humor, leadership, and wisdom. He has taught at several Christian Universities and Seminaries (BIOLA University, William Jessup University, Western Seminary). He sits on the board of Courage Worldwide, an organization that builds homes throughout the world to rescue children forced into sexual slavery. He is on the faculty of Principles to Live By, an organization committed to teaching God’s principles in a life-giving way.

Dr. Gil is the Discipleship Pastor at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA. He spent 5 years as the Executive Pastor at Adventure Christian Church in Roseville, CA, 2 years as Campus Pastor for Hillside Christian Church in Roseville, CA, 17 years as a Senior Pastor in Southern California, and subsequently started Principles to Live By to spread insights about life lived God’s way. Gil also served for 13 years as a Denominational Executive with the EFCA helping churches become vibrant. He continues as a graduate school professor and teaching pastor in various churches.

He has a B.A in Coaching and Physical Education, a Master’s Degree in Biblical Exposition, and a Doctorate in Christian Leadership with a special emphasis in Spiritual Warfare. He is the author of over 20 books including 3 best sellers: Spiritual Disciplines of a Christian; Becoming a Godly Husband; Becoming a Godly Wife.

2019 Workshops

Marriage & Families: Wise Parenting

3/8/2019 9:00 - 10:15 a.m. Room: N9

Parents of little children and teenagers are hungry for a simple but effective way to raise great kids. Wise Parenting spells out the five crucial areas that parents need to understand to train their children so they can enjoy them. It is amazing to watch this material immediately help parents as they work with and enjoy the parenting process—their kids too! We hear all the time from parents who tell us that the actions, habits, and routines in this course changed both their parenting experience and their children for the better.

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Marriage & Families: 12 Habits of a Great Marriage

3/8/2019 12:00 - 1:15 p.m. Room: N9

What are the actions and routines of couples who have great marriages? What habits do they consistently do and don't do? Join Gil Stieglitz as he presents 12 habits of great marriages—a roadmap for engaged, new, and struggling couples. Gil has seen amazing results with the couples he has counseled and taught since developing this material. To just spell out the actual things that couples with great marriages do is simple, yet eye-opening.

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21st Century Issues: Strongholds – Hidden Ways the Enemy Holds You Back

3/8/2019 1:30 - 2:45 p.m. Room: N9

So many people want God’s best and yet they feel held back from achieving the maximum they know God has for them. The issue is often a stronghold that consistently diverts them away from their hopes and dreams. This material has opened the eyes of hundreds of people as to why they have not been able to move forward out of bad habits, into new jobs, better relationships, and the like. We'll look at the biblical view of strongholds and how the enemy uses them to render us powerless. Then we'll look at what Christians can do to eliminate them and live victoriously. This is guaranteed to be one of the most eye-opening classes you could attend.

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2018 Workshops

Pastors: Secret's of the Lord's Prayer - Live in Deeper Intimacy with God


Join Dr. Gil Stieglitz as he examines the Lord’s Prayer and explains how Jesus taught a whole new way to approach God and live for Him. This is one of the most common Scriptures in the world, and though thousands of people have memorized this prayer, they have no idea that they are reciting from memory one of the most powerful key’s to intimacy with God. There are secrets in this prayer that will unlock a whole new depth to your spiritual life.

In the religious world of the time of Jesus, everyone realized that a relationship with God was practiced through particular, often formalized, spiritual disciplines, and/or exercises. Jesus wants His followers to have an intimate and non-formalized relationship with God, just as He has with God the Father and God the Spirit. He tells His followers on repeated occasions to practice different spiritual exercises in their conversation with God that was different than was expected at that time. This workshop will take participants through these spiritual exercises and provide an opportunity to learn how to grow deeper and more intimate with God.

Marriage & Families: Marriage Secrets - 7 Principles Always Present in Great Marriages and Always Missing in Bad Ones


Join Dr. Gil Stielgitz as he explains the secrets behind great marriages. Relationships are a complete mystery to most people. Many people think mutual attraction is enough to sustain the relationship long term, while most have no idea why some work and some don't. Through 30 years of working with couples and digging in the Scriptures, Dr. Gil has come to realize that there are certain principles always present in great marriages and always missing in bad ones. These are the Marriage Secrets, which answer the crucial questions about why some relationships click and others never get off the ground. And why some people have a loving marriage and other people who started in exactly the same place end up divorced.

This workshop explains the secrets about relationships, specifically, marriage and what causes love between two people to start and grow over a life time. These are simple secrets that will make all the sense in the world once you hear them. Do these and it will change your relationships.

Men's Ministry: Becoming a Godly Husband - What It Takes to Really Love Your Wife


Dr. Gil Stieglitz shows husbands what it takes to really love their wives. God tells husbands to do seven different things that demonstrate love for their wives in the way a godly husband should. These concepts are the way that most wives will describe what it means to truly love them. Once husbands begin to learn what being a godly husband is all about, it becomes clear that this is not how a man would describe what it means to love them. That's because this is God’s wisdom on how to love a woman at the deepest core of her being. He should know since He made this lovely creature! Dr. Gil walks participants through these seven key ideas, using the acrostic H.U.S.B.A.N.D. This material has helped hundreds of husbands (and wives) and can help you learn how to educate husbands about how to strengthen their marriages.

Pastors: The Keys to Grapeness -- Growing a Spirit-Led Life


Experience Spirit-led living like never before as Dr. Gil Stieglitz teaches how the Holy Spirit fosters greater joy in life. A Spirit-led life is one based on using the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23, which are those qualities, actions, reactions, and attitudes that need to be developed in order to have good relationships and a successful life. Learn how to recognize the Holy Spirit's voice, the whispers of God as He speaks into your life. Notice how the Holy Spirit wants to partner with you when he tells you what to say, what to do, when to do it, along with the ability to say and do those things that are not in us by nature. Identify what God is asking from you when He tells you to

2017 Workshops

Christian Education: Teaching Doctrine in Exciting Ways


Wouldn’t it be great if people could have access to deep, biblical truths at church without having to go to Seminary to feel like strong Christians? How can the church attract people to dig in to doctrinal truths so that their congregants could live righteous, holy, and powerful lives? In this seminar, we will explore new ways to teach deep, foundational truths, which will challenge and deepen the people.

21st Century Issues: Delighting in the Holy Spirit


God the Holy Spirit brings the grace of the Lord Jesus and provides over thirty different ministries to the Christian. But the average Christian doesn’t know how to access or work with the ministries of God the Spirit of Holiness. In spite of the excesses and denials going on in parts of the church, Christians need to understand and be practiced at working with the various ministries of the Holy Spirit. This seminar may improve your connection to the Lord Jesus in dramatic ways.

21st Century Issues: Why Discipleship is Broken in So Many Churches


The process of guiding a person from beginner to godly Christian has been lost in so many of our churches. The Church as a whole is not turning out the quality of disciples needed for this new period of hostility to the gospel, especially leaders. We have seen people come to a church for five years and still remain the same whiny, self-focused, angry, unchanged person they were when they came in. This is a problem—a big problem. Why has discipleship broken down and how do we fix it?

In this seminar, we will examine a discipleship path that works for most churches in our modern world, transforming believers into thriving members of the body. We will explore the four key discipleship cycles that contain the secrets to getting a person growing and keeping them growing. We will also detail five specific actions that can change a small group into a transformative experience.

21st Century Issues: Spiritual Warfare Basics


Today’s current events, twisted morality, and negativity clearly establish an increase in Spiritual Warfare at a level of intensity that demands our attention. More people are facing an increased level of temptation like they have never faced before; oppression and pure evil is visible everywhere. God has given us exactly what we need to win these types of spiritual battles. In this seminar, we will discuss the biblical basics of winning against the various battles we are facing now and will face in the future. God wants us to choose to follow His plan for a great life of meaning and purpose. We can choose righteous deeds to practice and move towards, and avoid evil deeds that lead to chaos and destruction. This class will help you understand the difference and how to escape the snare of the devil (2 Timothy 2:24-26).

Marriage & Families: Marriage Secrets


Like never before, marriages are straining to stay together, and many are flying apart. What are the secrets of marriages that make it over the long haul? What is the hidden wisdom that God has put in His Word that allows marriages to not just survive, but thrive? All marriages require proven, practical strategies that work. In this seminar, Dr. Gil Stieglitz will outline the seven basic relational needs that everyone is looking for in a marriage. He will provide practical and proven ways to meet these needs consistently so that marriages thrive.

Men's Ministry: Mission Possible: Winning Battles Over Temptation


This is for the man who has been looking for ways to beat back the hold that temptation has on his life, or perhaps is already caught in sexual sin. It’s amazing how many people falsely believe it is not possible to keep their minds pure in today’s world. There is just too much sensuality, pornography, and immorality. Dr. Gil will give you real answers on how to develop and maintain a pure mind in an impure world. We can take control of our minds, our eyes, our bodies, and our manhood. It is not too late to resist temptation and learn to become real men. Win against temptation and enjoy a new level of mental and emotional clarity.

2016 Workshops

Christian Education: What Leaders Need to Know About Spiritual Warfare


Spiritual warfare is happening all around us and ministry leaders need to know how to help people and how to protect themselves, their people and their ministries. In this seminar you will learn the three levels of Spiritual Warfare. You will learn how help people at each level. You will learn the 3 basic enemies of the Christian. You will learn the four basic weapons that Christ provides to defeat spiritual attacks. You will learn how to diagnosis when something is spiritual warfare and when it is other factors. You will learn proven strategies from God’s Word for protecting against spiritual warfare. You will learn how to equip your people for the spiritual battles they will face.

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Marriage & Families: God’s Radical Plan for Husbands and Wives


Since God invented marriage it would make sense that He would have the best plan for making it work. What he asks can only be described as radical. Hundreds of marriages have been saved and transformed by looking at what God actually says to do. God asks husbands to do things that are completely different than he asks wives. Wouldn’t you like to know what God thinks you should do to make your marriage work at a whole new level.

God tells husbands in the Scriptures to do about 10 different things for their wives to demonstrate love for their wives. These ten different things are the way that most wives describe what it means to love them. Once you begin to learn about God’s radical plan it becomes clear that this is not how a man would describe what it means to love them. This book will help you remember these ten commands by making them a part of the acrostic H.U.S.B.A.N.D.

God's RADICAL Plan for Wives shows wives how to clearly and effectively communicate their needs to their husbands. It explains how a wife can draw her husband into a participation in a great marriage, even when he may be distant or over-involved at work.

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Marriage & Families: Marital Intelligence: There Are Only Five Problems in Marriage


Based on thousands of hours of counseling and watching hundreds of marriages be saved, Dr. Gil Stieglitz says there are only five problems in marriage. Using a unique counseling tool Dr. Gil can help a couple in the first session diagnose their marital problems and how to focus their attention on the right problems. Come and learn this diagnostic tool and the Biblical solutions that come with it.

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Christian Education: What Leaders Need to Look for in Diagnosing Their Ministry?


Just like the human body has ten systems that allow it to function effectively, so the church has ten systems that control the effectiveness and health of that ministry. Most ministry leaders have gained incredible insight by looking at the 10 systems. In this seminar you will learn what the 10 systems are and how they can be maximized for your ministry. You will hear various ways that each system has been used in a number of different churches. Most churches have two or three of these systems clogged in some way. Opening up the hood of your church and examining the systems brings powerful hope to ministry.

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21st Century Issues: Secrets of God's Armor


God does not give us theories in Scripture. He tells us how to live in a dynamic and restful way (Matthew 11:28-30). The same is true when it comes to God’s Armor revealed in Ephesians 6:10-18, but so often we have missed what God was really saying. We get lost in an analysis of Roman military equipment. There is a subtle danger in associating too closely the spiritual armor with the Roman armor. We can believe that the spiritual weapon will act in the same way and with the same limitations as the Roman pieces of armor. But each of the spiritual pieces of armor is powerful way beyond any comparison to belts, shields, swords, and the like.

This book takes a different approach. We examine what the heroes of the faith (Job, David, Peter, Paul, Moses, etc., and most importantly Jesus) actually did when they encountered the Devil. What they did perfectly matches the pieces of God’s Armor but only after you look past the Roman military metaphor and see the actual spiritual weapon. The heroes of the faith challenged the strategies of the Devil with truth, righteous actions, strategies of peace, God-designed risk, daring ways of escape, whispers of God’s Word, specific prayers, and feedback-corrected actions. And they won over and over again with these simple but powerful spiritual weapons.

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Christian Education: What are the 10 Key Skills of Ministry Leadership?


Wouldn’t you like to know the key skills that will unlock your own leadership abilities and your ministries potential? In this seminar you will learn the 10 key leadership skills that ministry leaders must master if they are going to maximize their leadership. Of all the leadership ideas, tests, gifts and techniques most ministry leadership comes down to becoming increasingly effective with these 10 leadership skills. Some of them you may be naturally gifted at using and yet you can grow to new levels. Other crucial skills you may not have heard about and there is a significant void in this area. Come to the seminar and learn how to expand your leadership by focusing on the 10 absolutely crucial ministry leadership skills.

2015 Workshops

Men's Ministry: Mission Possible: Winning the Battle Over Temptation


It is amazing how many people believe that it is not possible to keep your mind pure in today’s world. There is too much sensuality; too much pornography; too much immorality. But this is not true. In this hard hitting but practical seminar Dr. Gil Stieglitz gives real answers on how to develop and maintain a pure mind. We can take control of our minds, our eyes, our bodies and our manhood. It is not too late to resist temptation and learn to become real men. This seminar is for the man who has been looking for ways to beat back the hold that temptation has on his life. This seminar offers a practical, proven way to really help men who are struggling with temptation or are already caught in sexual sin. This seminar details specific Biblical projects to win against temptation and enjoy a new level of mental and emotional clarity.

Christian Education: Raising Your Leadership Level: Double Your Impact


Wouldn’t it be great if you could help twice as many people or help people go twice as far as they currently are in their spiritual life? Most of us believe we could handle a much larger or deeper ministry but for some reason it is not happening. Come to this dynamic seminar and gain the insights on how to unlock your full ministry potential. Many of us were trained to minister to people but we were never trained on how to lead ministry. We are doing all we know but we are stuck and we do not know how to release the full potential of our ministry. Come learn the secrets of leading a ministry and double your impact. Dr. Gil Stieglitz has worked with Christian leaders of all types and varieties and he has have found that most ministry leaders have twice as much leadership capacity as they are currently showing. This material is so powerful that it usually allows a ministry to double in size and/or depth in two years. Dr. Gil says, “If I can coach the leaders in the key systems and the key skills it just unlocks a whole new level of ministry.”