Join Us March 4-6, 2021

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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Steve Karges

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Steve Karges
Steve Karges

Founder and President (33 years)
Children's Ministries International, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Steve Karges is President of Children's Ministries International, Inc., a non-denominational, evangelical Christian ministry, which he founded in 1980 in San Diego, California. Steve is also Coodinator of Global 4/14 Day, which is a worldwide day of prayer for children, held annually on April 14. In addition, Steve is the Editor of Heroic Dads, a syndicated commentary for Christian fathers.

2016 Workshops

Children's Ministry Leadership: Introduction to The Truth Test


Learn a new way to assess volunteers and improve your ministry to kids. A free copy of The Truth Test will be provided.

2014 Workshops

Children - Elementary: Rock Under My Feet


Using the Biblical model of rock and sand, discover how to build your foundation on God’s Word by placing Rock under your feet.

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Children - Elementary: Has Your Children's Ministry Lost Focus?


Is your children’s ministry in alignment with Scripture or has it strayed from its God given purpose? Learn Biblical principles that will help your church clarify and refocus its ministry to children.

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Children - Elementary: We WILL NOT Fear!


Fear permeates every area of our lives, but God wants us to be fearless. Discover how to ELIMINATE fear once and for all from the Truth of Scripture.

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