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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Cynthia Zierhut

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Cynthia Zierhut
Cynthia Zierhut

Research Psychologist
MIND Institute
Sacramento, CA
(916) 947-6255

Cynthia Zierhut is a Clinical and Developmental Psychologist specializing in working with young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. She is a research psychologist that participates in studies examining the efficacy of the Early Start Denver Model, a treatment for toddlers with ASD. Dr. Zierhut's passion is inclusion and has worked both professionally and personally to create inclusive environments for persons with ASD. She founded and is the former director the Champions ministry, a fully inclusive special needs ministry, at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento in 2006.

2014 Workshops

Special Needs: What Autism Spectrum Disorder Has Taught Me About God: Insights From Research And Practice


Dr. Zierhut is a wife, a mother of four boys and works as a research psychologist at the MIND Institute in Sacramento, California. At the MIND she works in the area of treatment for very young children with ASD. In this workshop, Dr. Cynthia Zierhut shares a brief but current overview of scientific discoveries in Autism Spectrum Disorder and her perspective on how these findings relate to the nature of God. Taken together with her clinical and ministry experience over the past twenty years, this presentation promises to be authentic and inspirational. She considers it favor and only because of Him that her work has recently taken her to Poland, Spain, Germany, Austria and Australia to work along side therapists and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of children touched by ASD. She is the founder and former director of the Champions Ministry at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento and the founder of Evening of Dreams a fully inclusive prom for teens with special needs. She is passionate about Inclusion and the role of the church.

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2011 Workshops

Special Needs: Autism: Behavior and Strategies


Do you have a child/children with Autism in your children's ministry or special needs ministry? Or maybe you are thinking of starting a ministry with this people group in mind. This workshop will review the most common behavioral challenges that teachers/ministry workers face while caring for and teaching students with Autism. Behaviors such as difficulty participating in group activities, unusual behaviors, and aggressive behaviors will be discussed and strategies shared. This workshop is meant to equip and excite you in working with these image bearers of Christ in bringing them into the fold and closer to the Lord!

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Special Needs: We Have a Special Needs Family in Our Church - Now What?


Don't panic! This workshop and discussion will familiarize you with approaches and proven models in helping to consider the needs of families and children with special needs. This could include the development of a specialized ministry. However, each church is different and examining your church's identity and purpose is important as you seek to care for the people that God brings to your church. Joni and Friends material as well as other resources will be shared to encourage you that while this may be unfamiliar it is very possible to love and care for the needs of these special families and children.

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Special Needs: Teaching Different Learners About God Through Music and Song


This workshop will look at how the brain and the whole person benefits from God's Word set to music. We will also look at the 3 learner types (kinesthetic, visual, and auditory) and how three dimensional learning increases memory retention exponentially.

2010 Workshops

Special Needs: Autism: Overview of Behaviors and Strategies


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