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BASS Convention Presenters

  • Kofi Acquaah-Arhin

    Kofi Acquaah-Arhin (1)
    Spoken Word Artist
    At Large

  • Karen Apple

    Karen Apple (5)
    1st Things 1st

  • Paul Bagai

    Paul Bagai (1)
    Associate Pastor for Students, Families and Neighborhood
    First Presbyterian Church of Hayward

  • Augie Bau

    Augie Bau (2)
    Sr. Benefits consultant
    Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board

  • Kirk Bertsche

    Kirk Bertsche (1)
    Bay Area Apologetics Group

  • Beverly Blades

    Beverly Blades (4)
    Leadership Training Instructor
    Child Evangelism Fellowship

  • Matthew Blevins

    Matthew Blevins (1)

    Castro Valley First Baptist Church

  • Chuck Bomar

    Chuck Bomar (5)
    Pastor of Vision and Teaching
    Colossae Church

  • Carole Brewer

    Carole Brewer (2)
    Carole Brewer Ministries

  • Carl Brown

    Carl Brown (1)
    Chairman of the Manhood Development program
    St. Paul Baptist Church

  • Mike Broyles

    Mike Broyles (1)
    Executive Director
    Awana Lifeline

  • Joseph Bryant Jr

    Joseph Bryant Jr (1)
    Senior Pastor
    Calvary Hill Community Church

  • Gloria Carlson

    Gloria Carlson (4)
    Teacher Trainer
    Child Evangelism Fellowship

  • Rosalee Charley

    Rosalee Charley (1)
    Pastor of Visitation
    Faith Fellowship Community Church

  • Brad Chew

    Brad Chew (2)
    Bay Cities Bible College

  • Winnis Chiang

    Winnis Chiang (2)
    Parenting ABC Counseling Services

  • Kathryn Choy-Wong

    Kathryn Choy-Wong (1)
    New Life Christian Fellowship

  • Reggie Coates

    Reggie Coates (3)
    Executive Director
    Heartfelt Music Ministry

  • Itonya Conner

    Itonya Conner (3)
    Our Youth Matter, Inc.

  • Dick Crider

    Dick Crider (3)
    Training Director
    Discipland Curriculum

  • Gerard Cruz

    Gerard Cruz (2)
    EdTech Specialist, AP English Teacher
    Fremont Christian School

  • Image not available

    Tom Cullen (1)
    Sr. Pastor
    The Church on the Corner

  • Bev Daily

    Bev Daily (3)
    Kids Club Consultants

  • Becky Diehl

    Becky Diehl (2)
    Director of Communications
    Forgiveness Ministries

  • Steve Diehl

    Steve Diehl (4)
    Forgiveness Ministries

  • Diane Dokko Kim

    Diane Dokko Kim (2)
    Special Needs Family Support
    Joni and Friends

  • Michael Dow

    Michael Dow (3)
    Zamar Media Solutions

  • Valerie Doyle, MA LMFT

    Valerie Doyle, MA LMFT (1)
    Executive Director
    Matters of the Heart Counseling

  • John Dupree

    John Dupree (4)
    Church Moblization Minister
    The Harvest Group / Perspectives / WJU

  • Dr. David Eckman

    Dr. David Eckman (5)

  • Marie Fang

    Marie Fang (1)
    Licensed Psychologist
    San Francisco Christian Psychotherapy Services

  • Lesa Floyd Schwartz

    Lesa Floyd Schwartz (4)
    Lifeway Representative
    Mobberly Baptist Church

  • Alicia Garcia

    Alicia Garcia (4)
    Alumni Coordinator
    Project WeHOPE (We Help Other People Excel)

  • Albert Gaw, MD

    Albert Gaw, MD (1)
    First United Presbyterian Church of SF

  • Cristine Giannetto

    Cristine Giannetto (1)
    Ministers in Movement Christian Worship Dance

  • Bruce Green

    Bruce Green (1)
    Bridge Building Consultant
    Bridge Building with Muslims

  • Image not available

    Adam Groza (1)
    Vice President and Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion
    Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Karen Habegger

    Karen Habegger (1)
    Revel Coaching

  • Jack and Liz Hagler

    Jack and Liz Hagler (2)
    Hooked On The Book

  • Jason Hanson

    Jason Hanson (1)
    Digital Marketing Manager
    The Light Digital

  • Image not available

    Ronda Hastings (2)
    High Impact Outreach Ministries

  • Jim Hogsett

    Jim Hogsett (5)
    Worker Ministries

  • Keith Holmlund

    Keith Holmlund (3)
    Twisted AV

  • Shadia Hrichi

    Shadia Hrichi (1)

    Shadia Hrichi/Pro-Life Speaker, Author, Teacher

  • Wayne A. Hubbard

    Wayne A. Hubbard (1)
    Associate Pastor
    Grace Temple MBC

  • Walt Huckaby

    Walt Huckaby (3)
    Agape Christ's Commission Fellowship

  • Dwight Hunnicutt

    Dwight Hunnicutt (2)
    Regional Ministry Team / Lead Church Trainer
    Awana Clubs International

  • Yaahn Hunter

    Yaahn Hunter (1)
    Senior Pastor
    New Faith Cathedral Church of God in Christ

  • Margaret Jackson

    Margaret Jackson (1)
    Business Owner
    Jubilee Christian Center

  • Image not available

    Sabina James (2)

  • Timothy Jameson, D.C.

    Timothy Jameson, D.C. (1)
    Owner, Bayshore Chiropractic Family Wellness Center
    Dr. Timothy Jameson, Performing Arts Chiropractor

  • Pastor LJ Jennings

    Pastor LJ Jennings (3)
    Senior Pastor
    Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship

  • Michael Ji

    Michael Ji (1)
    Home educator
    Antioch Institute

  • Jan Joaquin

    Jan Joaquin (1)
    Church Relations Coordinator
    Joni and Friends Central Cal

  • Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson (2)
    Leader of Men's Ministry
    Abundant Life Christian Fellowship

  • Dr. Janice Jones

    Dr. Janice Jones (1)
    Chairperson Women's Ministry
    Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

  • Image not available

    Dan Kaufman (2)

  • Julie Keith

    Julie Keith (3)
    Special Needs Pastor
    First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena

  • Deborah Klein

    Deborah Klein (1)
    Sales & Marketing
    Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds

  • Peter and Emily Lam

    Peter and Emily Lam (1)
    Peter, Director; Emily, Family Conference Speaker
    Asian Families Today/

  • Colleen Lam Nguyen

    Colleen Lam Nguyen (1)
    Marriage Family Therapist Intern
    Christian Psychotherapy Services

  • Raymond Landry

    Raymond Landry (2)
    Senior Pastor
    Independent Community Church

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee (2)

  • Dr. Sam Leong

    Dr. Sam Leong (1)

    Christian Psychotherapy Services

  • Debbie Lillo

    Debbie Lillo (2)
    Church Relations Coordinator
    Joni & Friends

  • Joy Liu

    Joy Liu (1)
    Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC #53681)
    Quiet Waters Counseling

  • Anthony Liu

    Anthony Liu (1)
    Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern
    Community Presbyterian Counseling Center

  • Ian Longtin

    Ian Longtin (3)
    Pastor of Youth and Young Adults
    Hope Center Covenant Church

  • Dan Lovaglia

    Dan Lovaglia (4)
    Director of Leadership Development

  • Jim Maddox

    Jim Maddox (2)
    Paramedic, American Heart Association Instructo
    Fair Oaks Church

  • Gerald Mann

    Gerald Mann (3)
    Senior Pastor
    Sunset Ministry

  • Image not available

    Jonathan Markham (1)
    Senior Pastor
    New Life Christian Fellowship

  • Al Marks

    Al Marks (1)
    Lead Pastor
    First Baptist Church Vallejo

  • Image not available

    Colleen Marquez (1)
    Dir of Outreach and Development
    Bethany Christian Services

  • Becky McKain

    Becky McKain (1)
    Campus Staff
    International Students, Inc.

  • Barbara Miller

    Barbara Miller (1)

  • Don Moen

    Don Moen (1)
    Don Moen Productions

  • Crystal Murdock

    Crystal Murdock (2)
    Administrative Office Manager/Youth Bible Study Director
    Faith Fellowship Community Church

  • Toby Nelson

    Toby Nelson (1)
    Senior Pastor
    First Presbyterian Church

  • Peter Neumann

    Peter Neumann (5)
    Worship Artist
    Neumann Music

  • Bich (BICK) Nguyen-Hamilton

    Bich (BICK) Nguyen-Hamilton (1)
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Leslie Nieves

    Leslie Nieves (3)
    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
    Department of Public Health

  • Michael Norton

    Michael Norton (1)
    M16 Ministries

  • Sandi Padilla

    Sandi Padilla (1)
    Voice Instructor
    Voice Pro Studio

  • Donna Renay Patrick

    Donna Renay Patrick (3)
    Musician/Choir Director/Worship Leader
    Christian Chapel Temple of Faith CME Church

  • Anna Penner

    Anna Penner (1)
    Graduate Student
    UC Irvine

  • Henry L. Perkins

    Henry L. Perkins (2)
    Senior Pastor
    First Baptist Church

  • Jim Price

    Jim Price (1)
    Director of Personnel Development
    Educational Resources & Referrals China

  • Group Publishing

    Group Publishing (8)
    REAL Ambassador
    Group Publishing

  • Victor Quon

    Victor Quon (1)
    Leadership Team
    Asian American Christian Fellowship

  • Linda Racine

    Linda Racine (2)
    Teacher of Teachers
    Child Evangelism Fellowship

  • Brent Randall

    Brent Randall (6)
    Kids & Company

  • Alan Raughton

    Alan Raughton (3)
    Adult Ministry Specialist
    LifeWay Christian Resources

  • Rich Rondeau

    Rich Rondeau (1)
    1st Presbyterian Church of San Mateo

  • Tim Royal

    Tim Royal (2)
    Lead Pastor
    Halcyon Baptist Church

  • Mel Sattler

    Mel Sattler (4)
    EPIC Bible College

  • Brenda Sauter

    Brenda Sauter (1)
    Conference Speaker

  • Bill Schappert

    Bill Schappert (2)
    Retired teacher from Bridgemont High School

  • Robert Scott

    Robert Scott (1)
    Destiny Christian Fellowship

  • Eric Segawa

    Eric Segawa (1)
    Highland Hospital

  • Robert Shreve

    Robert Shreve (2)
    Director of Children's Ministries
    Chinese for Christ

  • Pat J. Sikora

    Pat J. Sikora (3)
    Mighty Oak Ministries

  • Myra Skipwith

    Myra Skipwith (2)
    Teacher Training Coordinator
    CEF NorCal

  • David C. Smith

    David C. Smith (3)
    Pastor for Singles and Director of Counseling
    Church of the Highlands

  • Rolana Smith

    Rolana Smith (2)
    Youth Pastor
    Peninsula Bible Church

  • Rafael Soto

    Rafael Soto (1)
    Senior Pastor
    Templo Nueva Jerusalen

  • Sue Spillman

    Sue Spillman (4)
    Leadership Training Instructor
    Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.

  • John Stanley

    John Stanley (1)
    Youth Outreach Ministry

  • Gil Stieglitz

    Gil Stieglitz (2)
    Principles To Live By

  • Image not available

    Daniel Strange (1)
    Pastor of Young Families
    Three Crosses Church

  • Image not available

    Verne Teyler (4)
    Executive Director
    Hosanna Homes

  • Calen Thomas

    Calen Thomas (1)
    City Mobilizer
    International Students, Inc.

  • Roy Tinklenberg

    Roy Tinklenberg (1)
    Church Planter at Compass Christian Church
    Next Generation Churches of Northern California

  • Samantha Trimble

    Samantha Trimble (2)
    Faith@Home Ambassador & Coach
    Faith@Home Ministries

  • Pira Tritasavit

    Pira Tritasavit (3)
    Founder & Coach of Kingdom Professionals Coaching (Associate Pastor @ New Life Church)
    Kingdom Professionals Coaching

  • Image not available

    Mark Tsujimoto (2)
    English Ministry Coordinator
    Gospel Operations International

  • Image not available

    Lisa Vande Wege (1)
    Director of Women's Ministries
    Walnut Creek Pres. Church

  • Kris Volkir

    Kris Volkir (1)
    Church Relations Coordinator
    Joni and Friends

  • Randy Walker

    Randy Walker (1)

  • Peter Wang

    Peter Wang (2)
    Overflow Ministries

  • Kathy Weltner

    Kathy Weltner (1)
    Director of Bridges Special Needs Ministry
    CrossPoint Community Church

  • Kevin White

    Kevin White (5)
    Director, Global Ministry Operations

  • Roy D. Wilford

    Roy D. Wilford (1)
    Executive Pastor
    Cosmopolitan Baptist Church

  • Barbara Williams

    Barbara Williams (3)
    Christian Education Dept
    Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship

  • Phyllis Williamson

    Phyllis Williamson (3)
    Children's Ministry
    St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

  • Vickie Wilson

    Vickie Wilson (1)
    Global Mission Planner, Women Ministry Leader, Adult Sunday School Teacher
    Open Bible Faith Community Church

  • Sik-Lam Wong

    Sik-Lam Wong (1)
    MFT Intern
    Berkeley Christian Counselors

  • Steve Wong

    Steve Wong (1)
    Grace Community Covenant Church

  • George L. Yates

    George L. Yates (5)
    SonC. A. R. E. Ministries

  • Angela Yee

    Angela Yee (3)
    Creative Arts Producer
    Saddleback Church Irvine

  • Image not available

    Ivan Zelaya (1)
    Senior Pastor
    Iglesia Fuente de Vida A.D.

  • Ann Zhou

    Ann Zhou (2)
    Program Director
    Herald Family Rebuilding Center