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BASS Convention Presenter: Dr. Raymond Chan

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Dr. Raymond Chan
Dr. Raymond Chan

Bay Area Chinese Bible Church
Alameda, CA

Deacon, Bay Area Chinese Bible Church, Alameda, CA Choir, Usher, Sunday school teacher, other leadership positions. Wife Mary, four boys, Clifton, Carlton, Collin and Clayton, all married.

2016 Workshops

Men's Ministry: Building a Life Legacy - You Can Start Today


God, the real author of your life, has gifted you with a life message. This workshop will help you understand, develop and grow that message into a vision that will impact multiple generations. Be inspired of how your small vision can have a positive influence on your own well-being, your family and future generations.

2014 Workshops

Marriage & Families: Mentoring is From the Heart to Heart


God calls us to have a heart for the next generation . Mentoring begins with a vision based on biblical principles, and continues onward sensing God’s leading. Mentoring is a two way street of receiving God’s promises for the next generation. The important role of prayer will be shared.

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2013 Workshops

Marriage & Families: Mentoring - A Twenty Year Perspective


Your mentoring can begin now! But what will it be like in 20 years? A father and son will discuss and share from personal experiences regarding 5 Biblical principles. Bring your questions. Dr. Clifton Chan will be assisting in this workshop.

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Youth: Mentoring Is From the Heart


This workshop will discuss 7 principles that will inspire and deepen a mentoring relationship with your teen. Practical ideas will be shared.

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2012 Workshops

21st Century Issues: Mentoring Teens - A Matter of the Heart to Heart


Understand 7 Biblical principles as you build deep, satisfying, and purposeful relationships with your teens.

Marriage & Families: Being a Lifetime Mentor With Your Teen


Mentoring is a natural outcome of a relationship with your teen. Learn how to discover their talents and build them up for Jesus.

2011 Workshops

Youth: Success in Mentoring Teens Begins From the Heart


This workshop will guide you to understand and apply biblical truths to have a successful and from the heart, ministry to your teens and young adults.

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Youth: Mentoring Teens - Building and Nurturing Relationships for Life


Once we realize God's plan, we will explore step by step how to establish the skill sets needed to establish deep meaningful relationships with your teens and young adults.

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2010 Workshops

Youth: Success in Mentoring Teens Begins from the Heart


Mentoring teens is about relationships, and once nurtured they can last a lifetime. Ten tips on changing behavior will be shared.

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2009 Workshops

Youth: Anyone Can Mentor Teens - 7 Simple Steps


The teens need YOU to coach them. Are you ready? A wonderful relationship can develop that will last a lifetime.