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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

BASS Convention Presenter: Kathy Weltner

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Kathy Weltner
Kathy Weltner

Director of Bridges Special Needs Ministry
CrossPoint Community Church
Modesto, CA
(209) 521-0181

Kathy Weltner has taught a combination of Special Day Class, Resource, and regular education classes in the Modesto area for over 22 years. She received her Bachelors and Masters of Special Education from the University of the Pacific in Stockton where she also earned her multiple subject, learning handicapped and severely handicapped credentials. She helped to develop the Bridges Special Needs ministry at CrossPoint Community Church in Modesto 17 years ago and has served as its director since 2001. Kathy has a passion to help both children and adults with special needs and their families be welcomed and embraced while having the opportunity to learn to know and serve Jesus in His church.

2015 Workshops

Special Needs: Practical Tools for the Special Needs Sunday School Classroom


Children and adults with special needs often have difficulty learning in a traditional manner. This workshop will give you practical tools to help all students learn about Jesus and have the opportunity to come to know and love Him. You will learn how to use multi-sensory tools to engage all learners including those with mild to severe cognitive, communicative, physical and/or behavioral impairments. Topics will include: • teaching using a multi-sensory approach that focuses on students’ strengths • how to actively and creatively engage all learners in a lesson • useful items to have in a special needs classroom

2013 Workshops

Special Needs: How to Teach God's Word in Sunday School to Children with Special Needs


We will discuss ways of choosing and adapting curriculum using a multi-sensory approach for both the inclusive and self-contained special needs classrooms. You will learn how to assess strengths and abilities, set goals, choose appropriate curriculum, make adaptations specific to your students,and learn creative ways to teach stories using all sensory modalities.

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2012 Workshops

Special Needs: Developing a Successful Special Needs Classroom


All children deserve the opportunity to learn about Jesus regardless of their cognitive, physical, or behavioral needs. While many students are able to be mainstreamed into typical developing classes, some students learn better and are more successful in a self-contained class designed to meet their individual situation. Find out practical ways to structure a Special Needs Sunday School class and provide a welcoming environment to help students, regardless of ability, come to know Jesus.

Special Needs: Creative Ways of Teaching Students with Limited Verbal Abilities


Learn some creative ways to teach Bible stories and verses to children who have limited verbal skills using a multisensory approach. We will discuss evaluating the child's strengths, adapting stories, and ways to teach memory verses using multiple senses.

2010 Workshops

Special Needs: Ways to Teach Memory Verses and Bible Stories to Children with Limited Verbal Abilities


It is amazing what children can learn when given avenues that capitalize on their strengths. You will learn some creative ways using a multi-sensory approach to teach Bible stories and verses to children who have limited verbal skills.

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2009 Workshops

Special Needs: The Special Needs Classroom


Some special needs children do well in an inclusive program while others thrive in a self-contained class. This workshop will give practical suggestions on when to choose a self-contained class and what a special needs Sunday School class looks like including the physical set-up, daily schedule and curriculum choices.