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2014 Ahn, Silvia College: Developing Missional Christians on Campus
2014 Allen, Clay RESTORE SEXUAL BROKENNESS - The Church’s Greatest Yet Unspoken Need
2014 Bau, Augie Safeguarding the Financial Health of Pastors
2014 Bell, Jayne Leading a Vibrant Church Choir
2014 Berry, Jordan Mapping Out Your Youth Ministry for the First Five Years
2014 Berry, Jordan The Nine Most Important Relationships of a Youth Pastor
2014 Berry, Jordan Preaching the Bible to Teens
2014 Blades, Beverly Teaching Bible Doctrine to Children
2014 Blades, Beverly Developing Biblically Focused Kids in an Unbiblical World
2014 Blades, Beverly The Wonder of Worship
2014 Blades, Beverly Helping Children Develop Prayer Warrior Habits and Mentality
2014 Bomar, Chuck Generational Distinctions
2014 Bomar, Chuck Non-mentor Mentorship
2014 Bomar, Chuck Losing Your Religion: A Key to Reaching Younger Generations
2014 Bomar, Chuck Better Off Without Jesus
2014 Carlson, Gloria Music: A Teaching Tool for Early Education
2014 Carlson, Gloria Teaching Bible Verses to Preschoolers
2014 Carlson, Gloria Help! I'm a Preschool Teacher (Classroom Management in the Sunday School Class)
2014 Carlson, Gloria Creative Review for Little Kids (Enhancing Learning in a Fun Way)
2014 Carlson, Gloria Prayer and the Preschool Child (Learning to Pray)
2014 Carlson, Gloria Giving the Gospel a Go for Preschoolers
2014 Chan, Dr. Raymond Mentoring is From the Heart to Heart
2014 Chiang, Winnis Parenting American-Born Chinese (presented in Cantonese)
2014 Choy-Wong, Kathryn From Asian to Multicultural
2014 Coates, Reggie Creative Songwriting

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