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A Conference for Northern California Churches

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Year Speaker Title
2009 Apple, David Teach Like the Master: with Power!
2009 Apple, David Practical Steps for Reaching the Unsaved
2009 Blades, Beverly Helping Children Develop Prayer Warrior Habits and Mentality
2009 Broyles, Mike Putting Families in the Center of Children's Ministry
2009 Carlson, Gloria I'm Not Too Little: Taking the Preschool Challenge
2009 Coates, Reggie Improving Your Singing
2009 Curran, Daniel Praying for Jesus' Beautiful Vision
2009 Diehl, Steven The Foundation for Healing & Reconciliation - KEYNOTE SPEAKER
2009 Dupree, John The Power of Vision in Your Local Church
2009 Horner, Julie Ministering to Kids with Disabilities
2009 Hunter, Dr. Yaahn New Strategies for Evangelism in the Inner City
2009 Johnson, Keith Myth busting Discipline Challenges: Obstacles or Opportunities? KEYNOTE SPEAKER
2009 Klein, Deborah Secrets to Successful Retreat Planning
2009 Lappin, Patti Teaching Kids to Establish a Daily Time with God
2009 Lee, Kevin Vibrant Men's Ministry
2009 Lillo, Debbie Ministering to the Whole Family Affected by Disability
2009 Logan, Willine More Than Just Telling a Story
2009 Martin, Roger The Shepherd's Care of Himself
2009 Menconi, Al But It Doesn't Affect Me! KEYNOTE SPEAKER
2009 Ortega, Theresa Growing Your Ministry by Recognizing Your Possibilities
2009 Patterson, Joe Incredible Ideas to Transform Your Children's Ministry
2009 Rosenberg, Joy Hey! Back It Up!
2009 Sauter, Brenda Sharing Christ with Kids
2009 Slamp, Dr. David The Small Group Sunday School: How Groups can Invigorate your Sunday School and Build Relationships
2009 Spillman, Sue Teaching Children to Have Godly Character

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