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2016 Royal, Tim Evangelism as a Lifelong Adventure
2016 Sanford, David Loving Your Neighbor: Surprise! It's Not What You Think
2016 Schweigerdt, Bronwyn Raising Resilient Children in a Painful Planet
2016 Scott, Robert The Challenge of Manhood Part 2: Getting Back on Track
2016 Spillman, Sue Children Can Have Victory Over Sin
2016 Stieglitz, Gil Marital Intelligence: There Are Only Five Problems in Marriage
2016 Stieglitz, Gil What Leaders Need to Look for in Diagnosing Their Ministry?
2016 Strange, Daniel Preaching on Fire
2016 Tritasavit, Pira HE SAID, SHE SAID, GOD SAYS: Coaching for Marriage Oneness
2016 Tritasavit, Pira KINGDOM PROFESSIONALS: Coaching Christians for Workplace Witness
2016 Tseng, Timothy Starting an English Ministry in Asian Immigrant Churches
2016 Tsujimoto, Mark Developing a Church Mission Strategy
2016 Wang, Peter Christianity in China: What is God Doing There and How Can You Be Part of it?
2016 Weddle, Linda Tweens - Working with Fifth and Sixth Graders
2016 Williams, Barbara PROJECT 5:14 - Ministering To The Needs of Your Church Neighborhood
2016 Williams, Barbara Is Our Evangelism Effective in the Inner City?
2016 Wong, Sik-Lam Paradise Lost - How the Past Can Affect Our Present
2016 Wong, Steve Developing Intercultural Competency
2016 Woosley, Brandon More Than Special Ed: Rethinking the Church and Disability
2016 Yates, George L. Tips for Effective Leadership Meetings
2014 Ahn, Silvia College: Developing Missional Christians on Campus
2014 Allen, Clay RESTORE SEXUAL BROKENNESS - The Church’s Greatest Yet Unspoken Need
2014 Bau, Augie Safeguarding the Financial Health of Pastors
2014 Bell, Jayne Leading a Vibrant Church Choir
2014 Berry, Jordan Mapping Out Your Youth Ministry for the First Five Years

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