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A Conference for Northern California Churches

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Year Speaker Title
2011 VandenHeuvel, Christiaan Re-Energizing your Volunteers to Avoid Burnout
2011 Yates, George Teaching That Bears Fruit
2011 Ingram, Chip General Session Saturday 2011
2011 Sauter, Brenda Sharing Christ with Kids
2011 Smith, Efrem General Session Friday 2011
2011 Yohannan, K.P. General Session Thursday 2011
2010 Aubuchon, Lori Giving Kids and Families a Hand to Evangelize
2009 Blevins, Matthew What Happened to my Church?
2010 Capps, Todd Teaching to Impact the Lives of Children
2010 Balderama, Ken Missions and the Missing Ingredient
2010 Carthen, Sherwood Friday General Session
2010 Chiang, Winnis Help! Nobody is Listening!
2010 Coates, Reggie Dynamic Guitar in Worship
2010 Collard-Miller, Kathy The Beloved Woodshed
2010 Drury, Jon Lord, I Feel So Small
2010 Farrar, Laura Damaged: Ministering to the Abused
2010 Gilliam, Elton Discovering Prayer Partners and Praying Families
2010 Horner, Julie Making Children's Ministry Unforgettable
2010 Jenkins, Judy How to Bring Order to Your Classroom
2010 Klein, Deborah Team Bonding Adventures
2010 Lilo, Debbie The Perfect Catch: Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers
2010 Marler, Jan Thinking Inside the Box
2010 Ortberg, John Friday General Session
2010 Palau, Luis Thursday General Session
2010 Patterson, Joe Preteen Ministry Blueprint

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