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2016 Allen, Deanna Beyond Evangelism - An Army in the Church
2016 Allen, Sharon Fun With a Purpose
2016 Allen, Deanna Everyday Evangelism - Community Evangelism
2016 Allen, Sharon Reaching Younger Women
2016 Apple, David My Job: I Get to Teach God's Word to Adults
2016 Apple, David Empowering Our Sunday School Through Prayer
2016 Bastian, Karl Mutiny! The Kids Are Running the Church!
2016 Bastian, Karl Object Lesson Explosion!
2016 Bastian, Karl Leading a Child to Christ
2016 Bau, Augie Investments and Financial Planning for Pastors
2016 Bau, Augie Practical Tips for Church Finances
2016 Bellamy, Tashandra God! You want ME to teach the TEENS?
2016 Bicker, Ryan Smart Strategies for Helping Kids Commit to Purity
2016 Blades, Beverly Teaching Doctrine to Children
2016 Blades, Beverly Helping Children Learn to Serve
2016 Bomar, Chuck Money, Spiritual Authority, Homosexuality and Other Taboo Topics You Don’t Want To Talk About
2016 Brown, Carl Implementing a Manhood Development Program at Your Church
2016 Carlson, Gloria Help! I'm a Preschool Teacher (Classroom Management in the Sunday School Class)
2016 Carlson, Gloria Prayer and the Preschool Child
2016 Carlson, Gloria Giving the Gospel a Good Go for Little Kids
2016 Carlson, Gloria Music: A Teaching Tool for Early Education
2016 Chiang, James Discovering the Missing Link: Sharpen Your Bible Interpretation Skills
2016 Coates, Reggie Leading Worship with Purpose
2016 Coates, Reggie Dynamic Guitar in Worship (Int.-Adv.)
2016 Cruz, Gerard Wisely Contending

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