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2011 Sikora, Pat J. Who Me? A Leader?
2011 Sikora, Pat J. Obstacles to Healing
2011 Spillman, Sue Jesus Can Go to School in the Afternoon
2011 Stenfort, Jeanne Effective and Fun Ways of Teaching Bible Verses
2011 Storts, Klista Can You Hear Me Now?
2011 Storts, Klista How to Get Your Smile Back
2011 Teyler, Verne Why Do Christian Kids Leave the Church?
2011 Teyler, Verne Managing Strong-Willed, Oppositional, Defiant & Destructive Kids
2011 Thomas, Calen How to Begin a Ministry to International Students in Your Church
2011 Tseng, Timothy The Top Five Cries in Asian American Young Adults
2011 VandenHeuvel, Christiaan Faith For Life: Moving From Borrowed Faith to an Owned Faith
2011 Vincent, Kathy 5 Ways to Make Sunday School the Best Hour of the Week
2011 Vincent, Kathy Make God's Word Stick Like Glue Using Music, Props, and Games
2011 Whitaker, Dr. David Life S. E. E. D. - Connecting Your Church to a Pregnancy Center
2011 Williams, Joe & Michelle Marriage 911 - A First Response
2011 Yates, George Training Your Sunday School Workers
2011 Yates, George If the Church Were a Business, What Business Are We In?
2011 Capehart, Jody How Children Learn
2011 Carlson, Gloria Music: A Teaching Tool for Early Education
2011 Chiang, Winnis Manage Emotions for Intimate Loving Connections
2011 Diehl, Becky Healing for Broken Relationships
2011 Drury, Jon Lord, I feel So Small
2011 Dupree, John Growth in Mission: Missionary Candidate Preparation
2011 Epperson-Moore, Brenda Keeping It Real, Part 1
2011 Hoye, II, Walter B. Abortion in the African-American Community

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