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A Conference for Northern California Churches

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2011 Ramos, Joe Reaching Tomorrow's Leaders in Today's Prisons
2011 Riggs, Erendira How to Lead a Child to the Lord
2011 Schwab, Bob Relational Diamond
2011 Segawa, Eric How Do I Meet More People?
2011 Segawa, Eric How Can I Be a Christian of Hope?
2011 Soto Limón, Nubia Los Mitos Matrimoniales/The Marriage Myths (In Spanish)
2011 Tsingaris, Adrian Teaching to Young Adults
2011 Vold, Larry The Preaching Puzzle
2011 Wirolubowich, Nadia Global Home Teams
2011 Zierhut, Dr. Cynthia Autism: Behavior and Strategies
2011 Adams, Chris The Future of Women's Ministry
2011 Apple, David Empower Your Sunday School Through Prayer
2011 Apple, David Teach With Passion
2011 Baker, Mace Scientific Evidence for Noah's Flood
2011 Balderrama, Ken Missions & the Missional Church
2011 Balderrama, Ken More Than the Great Commission
2011 Birmingham, Cheryl Give Them Jesus: Helping Every Child Understand the Gospel Message
2011 Bjerre, Bonnie Attracting, Matching, and Keeping Volunteers
2011 Blades, Beverly Building Self Worth in Preschoolers
2011 Blades, Beverly Teaching Children Bible Doctrine
2011 Blevins, Matthew What Happened to my Church?
2011 Caldwell-Ailsworth, Jo Netta What In The World Are You Doing?
2011 Capehart, Jody Creative Bible Teaching
2011 Capehart, Jody Ants in Their Pants
2011 Capps, Todd Teach So They Get It

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