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A Conference for Northern California Churches

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2011 Capehart, Jody Discipline By Design
2011 Capps, Todd Making Bible Stories Come Alive
2011 Carlson, Gloria 1, 2, 3, Jesús Me Ama
2011 Chan, Dr. Raymond Mentoring Teens - Building and Nurturing Relationships for Life
2011 Cruz, Gerard When Evidence is Not Enough
2011 Desrochers, Nadjy Maestros que impactan vidas
2011 Diehl, Steven The Six Activities of Life Transformation
2011 Dupree, John The Power of Vision in Your Local Church
2011 Epperson-Moore, Brenda Keeping It Real, Part 2
2011 Ginn, Beverly Fresh-Brewed Faith: Cultivating an Aroma of Prayer in Your Life
2011 Habegger, Karen Am I Good Enough? Embracing the "Real You" God Created
2011 Habegger, Karen Am I Good Enough to get a Date?
2011 Huckaby, Dr. Walt Training Your Christian Education Workers
2011 Hunter, Dr. Yaahn Evangelism and Outreach in the Inner City
2011 Hutchinson, Connie Creative Outreach: Drawing the Disabled Community Into the Church
2011 Jones, Clay Raising and Protecting Christian Kids In an XXX World
2011 Kaufman, Dan Effective Video for Today's Church
2011 Kaufman, Dan Effective Video Editing
2011 Lam, Peter & Emily Cultivating Your Marriage (presented in Mandarin)
2011 McAnally, Kelli Bridging Kindergarten to First Grade
2011 Neumann, Peter Keyboard in Worship
2011 Neumann, Peter Recording a CD for Ministry
2011 Olson, John Church Websites 2.0
2011 Pape, Ruth Family Faith Celebrations – Meaningful Ways to Maximize Faith Development
2011 Puckett, Mike Teaching God's Amazing Truth in Amazing Ways

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