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Year Speaker Title
2016 Crider, Dick Learning Styles
2016 Daily, Bev 90 Minutes Can Radically Change You, Your Church, and Your Community
2016 Day, Dr Larry Unlocking The Mystery of Self-Esteem in Your Life and Ministry
2016 Diehl, Becky Overcoming Anger and Depression
2016 Diehl, Steve Why Marriages Fail -- And What You Can Do About It
2016 Dokko Kim, Diane Special Needs Ministry: It's NOT Just For Big Churches!
2016 Driggers, Kyle Moving From Ministry to Movement
2016 Dupree, John Power of Vision in Your Local Church
2016 Eckman, Dr. David What Makes for Effective Discipleship?
2016 Edge, Stephanie Spiritual Gifts: Gifted to Serve
2016 Ensor, Karen Seven Simple Steps to Organize Your Ministry
2016 Habegger, Karen Others-focused vs. Self-focused
2016 Hastings, Ronda Say What You Want – Get What You Need
2016 Hastings, Ronda The Power of a Cup of Cold Water
2016 Hastings, Ronda Building Community and Transforming Lives through Small Groups
2016 Hogsett, Jim Witnessing in the Workplace
2016 Hogsett, Jim Biblical Decision Making
2016 Huckaby, Walt How to Get Your Sunday School Going and Growing?
2016 Huckaby, Walt Centering Your Life Around Your Spiritual Gifts
2016 Hunnicutt, Dwight Recruiting and Keeping Rock-Solid Volunteers
2016 Hunnicutt, Dwight The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children
2016 Hunter, Yaahn Evangelism Through Community Partnerships
2016 Hunter, Yaahn Evangelism and Outreach in the Inner City
2016 Jay, Larry The Nature of Singleness
2016 Johnson, Keith Lesson Planning Redefined

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