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2016 Wang, Peter How to Live With Asian Values in America
2016 Weddle, Linda Before You Teach ...
2016 Weddle, Linda 11 Ways to Develop a Biblical Worldview in Your Child
2016 Weddle, Linda Teaching Kids to Be Thinkers
2016 Welsh, Shelly Helping Caregivers Be Cared For
2016 Woosley, Christine Becoming an Autism and Sensory Friendly Church
2016 Wang, Peter Christianity in China: What is God Doing There and How Can You Be Part of it?
2016 Weddle, Linda Tweens - Working with Fifth and Sixth Graders
2016 Williams, Barbara PROJECT 5:14 - Ministering To The Needs of Your Church Neighborhood
2016 Williams, Barbara Is Our Evangelism Effective in the Inner City?
2016 Wong, Sik-Lam Paradise Lost - How the Past Can Affect Our Present
2016 Wong, Steve Developing Intercultural Competency
2016 Woosley, Brandon More Than Special Ed: Rethinking the Church and Disability
2014 Wang, Peter Retention and Outreach to the Asian American Young Adults
2014 Weddle, Linda The Parent Connection
2014 Weddle, Linda 10 Ways to Instill a Biblical Worldview in Your Kids
2014 Weddle, Linda Teaching Kids To Be Thinkers
2014 Weddle, Linda How 4,000 Kids Questions Developed into Five Life Threads (Biblical Foundation Characteristics)
2014 Weddle, Linda Storytelling With a Twist
2014 White, Kevin Effective Teaching for Middle School & High School Students
2014 White, Kevin Youth Ministry Meets Madison Ave.
2014 White, Kevin Father Matters
2014 Wilburn, Port Church Planting 101 "The Basics"
2014 Wilford, Roy D. Dealing with Crisis in the Urban Church
2014 Wilford, Roy D. Developing a Healthy Prayer Life

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