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2016 Allen, Sharon How to Start a Women’s Ministry or Make Yours Better!
2016 Acquaah-Arhin, Kofi Speak the Word: Spoken Word As a Creative Arts Ministry and Outreach
2016 Akutagawa, Sarah Spirituality & Discipleship in the University
2016 Allen, Deanna Setting the Captives Free - Inside Out Prison Ministry
2016 Apple, David Mobilizing Our Sunday School for Spiritual Warfare
2016 Apple, David My Job: I Get to Help People Grow as Followers of Christ
2016 Allen, Deanna Beyond Evangelism - An Army in the Church
2016 Allen, Sharon Fun With a Purpose
2016 Allen, Deanna Everyday Evangelism - Community Evangelism
2016 Allen, Sharon Reaching Younger Women
2016 Apple, David My Job: I Get to Teach God's Word to Adults
2016 Apple, David Empowering Our Sunday School Through Prayer
2014 Ahn, Silvia College: Developing Missional Christians on Campus
2014 Allen, Clay RESTORE SEXUAL BROKENNESS - The Church’s Greatest Yet Unspoken Need
2013 Achilles, James Fearfully and Wonderfully Made; A Pastor's perspective about how local churches can intentionally include and reach out to a people affected by disabilities.
2013 Alfaro, Rodrigo Cross-Cultural Evangelism & Outreach
2013 Allen, Clay Sexual Healing
2013 Apple, Karen BIG - TIME “Large Group” for Preschoolers
2013 Apple, David They Say I'm a Leader. What Am I to do?
2013 Apple, Karen Beyond the Baby Basics for Church Nurseries
2013 Apple, Karen Keep 'em Tuned In and Help Preschoolers Learn Self Discipline
2013 Apple, David Pray as Though We’re Dependent on the Lord
2013 Apple, David Teach God’s Word - With Passion
2013 Apple, Karen Are You Off Your Rocker? Get on the floor with the child on your lap.
2013 Apple, Karen Preschoolers Are LEARNING MACHINES. Teach the Way They Learn.

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