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A Conference for Northern California Churches

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2016 Allen, Sharon How to Start a Women’s Ministry or Make Yours Better!
2016 Lea Jr., Dr. Claybon Friday General Session
2016 Acquaah-Arhin, Kofi Speak the Word: Spoken Word As a Creative Arts Ministry and Outreach
2016 Akutagawa, Sarah Spirituality & Discipleship in the University
2016 Allen, Deanna Setting the Captives Free - Inside Out Prison Ministry
2016 Apple, David Mobilizing Our Sunday School for Spiritual Warfare
2016 Apple, David My Job: I Get to Help People Grow as Followers of Christ
2016 Bastian, Karl Rebooting Your Kidmin
2016 Bertsche, Kirk A Christian View of Science
2016 Bicker, Ryan Start Smart! Discover How Kids Learn Best
2016 Blades, Beverly Building Prayer Warriors: Ideas For a Six Week Curriculum
2016 Blades, Beverly Discipline Is Much More Than Correcting a Behavior
2016 Blevins, Matthew When Church Hurts
2016 Bomar, Chuck Thursday General Session
2016 Bryant Jr, Joseph The Heart of Worship
2016 Buzzard, Justin Saturday General Session
2016 Chan, Dr. Raymond Building a Life Legacy - You Can Start Today
2016 Chiang, Winnis Parenting American-Born Chinese Teenagers (in Mandarin)
2016 Chiang, James Discovering the Missing Link: Sharpen Your Bible Interpretation Skills
2016 Coates, Reggie Creative Songwriting
2016 Conner, Itonya I'm Saved, Now What
2016 Conner, Itonya ReThink Youth!
2016 Conner, Itonya Events to Impact Your Community
2016 Cowley, Dr. Tom J. A Bible Summary - 12 Narrative Stories
2016 Crider, Dick Understanding Preschoolers, Birth to First

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