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A Conference for Northern California Churches

BASS Advertising

Offering a variety of options based on exposure level and budget - whether that's $75 or $1,000 - choose from a variety of advertising opportunities that help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, you may qualify for a discount based on your total spend.

BASS Convention Program

We print 10,000 program copies for each annual convention. They are distributed both during the convention and to registered churches prior to the convention for distribution to their members.

$850.00 Full Page
8" Width x 10.5" Height

$450.00 Half Page
8" Width x 5.25" Height

$250.00 Quarter Page
4" Width x 5.25" Height

$150.00 Eighth Page
4" Width x 2.75" Height

BASS Website

Our website receives over 30,000 unique visitors per year. Annual ad placement is available for our home page and our other most visited pages including the pages for workshops, presenters, and audio archives.

$475.00 BASS Website Ad
Home page ad

$250.00 BASS Website
Secondary page

Convention Packages

There are over 3000 attendees at our annual convention. Get your message on the overhead screen during the General Session. Save by bundling various advertising options.

$1,000.00 Web + Program Book
Full page program ad, BASS web page ad, Power Point slide at the convention

$75.00 BASS Convention Slide
Power Point Slide played during the General Session

Program Book ad sizing

Full page 8" (w) X 10.5" (h) 
Half page 8" (w) X 5.25" (h)
Quarter page 4" (w) X 5.25 (h)
Eighth page: 4" (w) X 2.75" (h)  

Full size adad sizes

Website ad placement and sizing

Web ad - 200 x 200 pixelsWebsite ads must be 200 x 200 pixels in size. Our website is responsive, meaning the display will adapt to the users screen size. Your exact ad size and placement will depend on the users device and screen size. For full size screens, up to 4 ads will appear on either side of the page content, "above the fold", just below the level of the header. On smaller screens, up to 4 ads will appear below the page content and above the page footer. The file should be no greater than 60KB and in the format of jpg, gif, or png. Ads may not be animated.