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BASS Convention Presenters

  • Silvia Ahn

    Silvia Ahn (1)
    Team Leader/Chapter Planter
    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

  • Clay Allen

    Clay Allen (1)
    Pastor, President, & Founder
    AVENUE Resource

  • Augie Bau

    Augie Bau (1)
    Sr. Benefits consultant
    Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board

  • Jayne Bell

    Jayne Bell (1)
    Choir Member, Children's Choir Assistant
    Bridges Community Church

  • Image not available

    Jordan Berry (3)
    High School Pastor
    Whittier Area Community Church

  • Beverly Blades

    Beverly Blades (4)
    Leadership Training Instructor
    Child Evangelism Fellowship

  • Chuck Bomar

    Chuck Bomar (4)
    Pastor of Vision and Teaching
    Colossae Church

  • Carole Brewer

    Carole Brewer (2)
    Carole Brewer Ministries

  • Gloria Carlson

    Gloria Carlson (6)
    Teacher Trainer
    Child Evangelism Fellowship

  • Dr. Raymond Chan

    Dr. Raymond Chan (1)

  • Winnis Chiang

    Winnis Chiang (1)
    Parenting ABC Counseling Services

  • Kathryn Choy-Wong

    Kathryn Choy-Wong (1)
    New Life Christian Fellowship

  • Reggie Coates

    Reggie Coates (4)
    Executive Director
    Heartfelt Music Ministry

  • Itonya Conner

    Itonya Conner (4)
    Our Youth Matter, Inc.

  • Venetta Cormier-Walker

    Venetta Cormier-Walker (1)
    Progressive Community Church

  • Dr. Tom J. Cowley

    Dr. Tom J. Cowley (1)
    Institute for Encouraging Christian Lay Ministry

  • Dick Crider

    Dick Crider (4)
    Training Director
    Discipland Curriculum

  • Image not available

    Gerard Cruz (2)
    Educational Technology Director
    Fremont Christian School

  • Steve Diehl

    Steve Diehl (3)
    Forgiveness Ministries

  • Diane Dokko Kim

    Diane Dokko Kim (1)
    Special Needs Family Support
    Joni and Friends

  • Valerie Doyle, MA LMFT

    Valerie Doyle, MA LMFT (1)
    Executive Director
    Matters of the Heart Counseling

  • Jon Drury

    Jon Drury (1)
    Pastor of Adults
    Redwood Chapel Community Church

  • John Dupree

    John Dupree (3)
    Church Moblization Minister
    The Harvest Group / Perspectives / WJU

  • Sam J. Earp

    Sam J. Earp (5)
    Director of Development
    Church Resource Ministry

  • Marie Fang

    Marie Fang (1)
    Psychological Assistant
    San Francisco Christian Psychotherapy Services

  • Dr. Rodney Frazier

    Dr. Rodney Frazier (3)
    Lead Pastor
    New Beginnings Community Fellowship

  • Cristine Giannetto

    Cristine Giannetto (1)
    Ministers in Movement Christian Worship Dance

  • Elton Gillam

    Elton Gillam (1)
    Church Prayer Ministry International

  • Karen Habegger

    Karen Habegger (1)
    Revel Coaching

  • Jack and Liz Hagler

    Jack and Liz Hagler (2)
    Hooked On The Book

  • Ronald Harden

    Ronald Harden (3)
    EPIC Bible College

  • Leon Harper

    Leon Harper (1)
    Area Mobilizer
    International Students, Inc.

  • Stacy Hodge

    Stacy Hodge (2)
    Church Relations Manager
    Joni and Friends

  • Jim Hogsett

    Jim Hogsett (3)
    Worker Ministries

  • Keith Holmlund

    Keith Holmlund (2)
    Twisted AV

  • Wayne A. Hubbard

    Wayne A. Hubbard (2)
    Associate Pastor
    Grace Temple MBC

  • Walt Huckaby

    Walt Huckaby (3)
    Agape Christ's Commission Fellowship

  • Dwight Hunnicutt

    Dwight Hunnicutt (2)
    Regional Ministry Team / Lead Church Trainer
    Awana Clubs International

  • Yaahn Hunter

    Yaahn Hunter (1)
    Senior Pastor
    Rescue Mission Church of God in Christ

  • LJ Jennings

    LJ Jennings (3)
    Senior Pastor
    Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship

  • Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson (2)
    Leader of Men's Ministry
    Abundant Life Christian Fellowship

  • Steve Karges

    Steve Karges (3)
    Founder and President (33 years)
    Children's Ministries International, Inc.

  • Image not available

    Dan Kaufman (2)

  • Roy Kim

    Roy Kim (1)
    Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
    Christian Psychotherapy Services

  • Deborah Klein

    Deborah Klein (1)
    Sales & Marketing
    Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds

  • Peter and Emily Lam

    Peter and Emily Lam (1)
    Peter, Director; Emily, Family Conference Speaker
    Asian Families Today/

  • Colleen Lam Nguyen

    Colleen Lam Nguyen (2)
    Marriage Family Therapist Intern
    Christian Psychotherapy Services

  • Raymond Landry

    Raymond Landry (2)
    Senior Pastor
    Independent Community Church

  • Patrick Lee

    Patrick Lee (3)
    Itinerant Pastor
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee (4)

  • Amy Fenton Lee

    Amy Fenton Lee (4)
    Special Needs Consultant
    The reThink Group

  • Dr. Sam Leong

    Dr. Sam Leong (1)

    Christian Psychotherapy Services

  • Debbie Lillo

    Debbie Lillo (3)
    Church Relations Coordinator
    Joni & Friends

  • Image not available

    Ed Litwin (2)
    Director of Usher Development
    Bethel Christian Church

  • Joy Liu

    Joy Liu (1)
    Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC #53681)
    Christian Counseling Centers

  • Anthony Liu

    Anthony Liu (1)
    Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern
    Community Presbyterian Counseling Center

  • Ian Longtin

    Ian Longtin (4)
    Pastor of Youth and Young Adults
    Hope Center Covenant Church

  • Jim Maddox

    Jim Maddox (4)
    Paramedic, American Heart Association Instructo
    Fair Oaks Church

  • Jonathan Maddox,MFT

    Jonathan Maddox,MFT (1)
    Minister/Marriage Therapist
    Bay Hills Community Church

  • Gerald Mann

    Gerald Mann (4)
    Senior Pastor
    Sunset Ministry

  • Ed Miciano

    Ed Miciano (2)
    Lead Pastor
    Bridgepoint Community Church

  • John Milgate

    John Milgate (2)
    Let's Be Gracing

  • Deborah Moody

    Deborah Moody (1)
    Women's Ministry Team Member
    Maranatha Christian Center

  • Toby Nelson

    Toby Nelson (1)
    Senior Pastor
    First Presbyterian Church

  • Peter Neumann

    Peter Neumann (6)
    Worship Artist
    Neumann Music

  • Vanessa Oden

    Vanessa Oden (4)
    Mariposa Blessings Outreach Ministries

  • Donna Renay Patrick

    Donna Renay Patrick (3)
    Musician/Choir Director/Worship Leader
    Christian Chapel Temple of Faith CME Church

  • Group Publishing

    Group Publishing (8)
    REAL Ambassador
    Group Publishing

  • Victor Quon

    Victor Quon (1)
    Leadership Team
    Asian American Christian Fellowship

  • Linda Racine

    Linda Racine (2)
    Teacher of Teachers
    Child Evangelism Fellowship

  • Kit Rae

    Kit Rae (2)
    David C Cook

  • Joe O. Ramos

    Joe O. Ramos (2)
    Bible Teacher/Evangelist
    Potters House Prison Ministry

  • Image not available

    Don Roberts (2)
    Founder & Director
    Bible Couriers International

  • David Robles

    David Robles (3)

    David C. Cook

  • Tim Royal

    Tim Royal (2)
    Lead Pastor
    Halcyon Baptist Church

  • Mel Sattler

    Mel Sattler (3)
    EPIC Bible College

  • Brenda Sauter

    Brenda Sauter (1)
    Conference Speaker

  • Bill Schappert

    Bill Schappert (3)
    Retired teacher from Bridgemont High School

  • Robert Scott

    Robert Scott (1)
    Technical Training Coordinator
    Santa Clara Valley Water District

  • Robert Shreve

    Robert Shreve (1)
    Director of Children's Ministries
    Chinese for Christ

  • Pat J. Sikora

    Pat J. Sikora (5)

    Mighty Oak Ministries

  • Dr. David Slamp

    Dr. David Slamp (4)

    CareRing Ministries

  • Kathy Slamp

    Kathy Slamp (4)
    Speaker, Author,
    Vessel Ministries

  • Sue Spillman

    Sue Spillman (3)
    Leadership Training Instructor
    Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.

  • James Steiner

    James Steiner (1)
    Men's Ministry Catalyst

  • Rod Suzuki

    Rod Suzuki (1)
    Christ United Presbyterian church

  • Roy Tinklenberg

    Roy Tinklenberg (1)
    Church Planter at Compass Christian Church
    Next Generation Churches of Northern California

  • Pira Tritasavit

    Pira Tritasavit (3)
    Founder & Coach of Kingdom Professionals Coaching (Associate Pastor @ New Life Church)
    Kingdom Professionals Coaching

  • Image not available

    Mark Tsujimoto (2)
    English Ministry Coordinator
    Gospel Operations International

  • Larry Vold

    Larry Vold (1)
    Senior Pastor
    Neighborhood Church

  • Kris Volkir

    Kris Volkir (1)
    Church Relations Coordinator
    Joni and Friends

  • Peter Wang

    Peter Wang (1)
    Overflow Ministries

  • Linda Weddle

    Linda Weddle (7)


  • Kevin White

    Kevin White (3)
    Ministry Operations Manager
    Awana Lifeline

  • Port Wilburn

    Port Wilburn (1)
    Lead Catalyst
    GoPlant Urban Church Planting Initiative

  • Roy D. Wilford

    Roy D. Wilford (2)
    Executive Pastor
    Cosmopolitan Baptist Church

  • Barbara Williams

    Barbara Williams (3)
    Christian Education Dept
    Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship

  • Joe and Michelle Williams

    Joe and Michelle Williams (2)
    Co Founders and Directors
    International Center for Reconciling God's Way, Inc.

  • Phyllis Williamson

    Phyllis Williamson (3)
    Children's Ministry
    St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

  • Sik-Lam Wong

    Sik-Lam Wong (1)
    MFT Intern
    Berkeley Christian Counselors

  • Cecil Wong

    Cecil Wong (1)
    Christian Education Director
    Sunset Church

  • Ryan Wright

    Ryan Wright (2)
    Associate Pastor
    Bethel Church

  • Will Yancy

    Will Yancy (2)
    Executive Director
    Truimph Educational Center

  • George L. Yates

    George L. Yates (4)
    SonC. A. R. E. Ministries

  • Cynthia Zierhut

    Cynthia Zierhut (1)
    Research Psychologist
    MIND Institute